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Pediatric Dentistry

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pediatric dental care

White Plains Dental is the leader in Pediatric Dentistry and have the top board certified Pediatric Dentists in New York.

What is the difference between a pediatric dentist and a regular dentist? A pediatric dentist specializes in caring for the oral health of children; infants through teens. To put it in context, children have special needs when it comes to their dental health. A pediatric dentist provides all-inclusive oral health care for your child, including primary, preventive and therapeutic care. This specialization is derived from years of residency training in dentistry specifically for kids. This residency takes place after dental school.

Remember, children are not little grownups. They require specialized care. Most children are unable to remain patient during procedures. They may not respond to instruction. In many cases, children and teenagers have trouble dealing with what is known as dental anxiety. These circumstances require a special touch, understanding, and specialized training.

We ensure your child receives the care and patience he or she needs. He or she will be introduced to an environment that is fun and calming. Remember, your child’s confidence growing up relies on many things. One of them is a healthy smile. We’ll help your child develop the habits they need for a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Your Child’s First Visit:

Their Initial Visit

Your child’s first visit should be one to remember!

This initial visit will help set the tone for all future visits, instilling in your child that trips to the dentist are fun and nothing to fear. While we all must do our part to ensure your child has the best experience possible, we will do everything possible to make sure they feel safe, secure, and comfortable. In fact, it’s what we do best!

We are known for going the extra mile to make sure your child is as relaxed as possible. Our goal is to watch your child leave with a great big smile and that a trip to the dentist is nothing to fear.

It is very important that your child begin trips to the dentist routinely as early as one-year old. This is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure that any issues that could be present are detected early. Early detection means early treatment. Prompt treatment could mean the difference between avoiding an issue that could develop into something serious later on, and having to deal with ongoing complications for years to come.

What You and Your Little One Can Expect

If your child has been seen anywhere previously, we will want to review that history before getting started. We will also want to review any medical records. Doing this will help us to better understand your child’s medical and dental needs, as well as becoming more familiar with your family as a whole. Remember, our goal is to serve your child’s needs to the best of our ability!

Next, we’ll show your family around the office in a way that your child will love. We will give them the time to become familiar with his or her surroundings, becoming comfortable and feeling at ease. Everything we are going to do will be properly explained and shown in a child-friendly manner.

We will then perform an initial examination and clean your child’s teeth. We do this to get them familiar with dental procedures. You are encouraged to remain by your child’s side during this process. Your presence will aid the process, allowing the little one to feel comforted and safe.

At the end of the examination, one of our Board Certified Pediatric Dentists will discuss with you your child’s current dental health status, preventative measures that should be taken, any treatment that may be needed, and in that event, available treatment options.

Your input is not only encouraged, but needed! This is your child, and we feel that any decisions made about your child’s oral health should be reviewed and agreed to by you with your full understanding of your options.

What You Should Bring

New Patient Paperwork

Your Insurance Card (if you have dental insurance)

We always request that a parent or guardian be present.

If you have any questions, make an appointment or would like to arrange a consultation, please call (914) 948-0088 or make an appointment online.

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