Everyone wants their teeth to look straighter and whiter. Some people get braces when they are kids, as their parents insist. It is almost a rite of passage, having metal teeth for a year in middle school! But what about people in their 20s or 30s who never had that chance? Not everyone is happy to have visible braces when they are a working professional. Invisalign offers a real option in these circumstances. As they are invisible braces, Invisalign ensures that a person’s teeth look completely normal throughout the process. No one even knows that a person is wearing Invisalign unless they are staring at their mouth from just a few inches away! And these braces can help shift the teeth into the right position effortlessly and without others taking notice.

The issue? While in some cases Invisalign can be a little more expensive than regular braces, flexible financing options are available.

What are the benefits of using Invisalign?

The aligners that make up the Invisalign treatment are completely invisible and they do not have any metal parts. Each aligner is custom made for the individual’s teeth. And they are replaced with a new set every few weeks, as the teeth shift slightly in that time.

It is as simple as wearing a retainer. Pop in the Invisalign aligners and go! Individuals can also take out these aligners when they are eating, ensuring there is no mess while eating out.

What is the treatment process?

Everything begins with a consultation with an experienced provider of Invisalign aligners. These dentists have the necessary education and experience to properly navigate a patient through the treatment process.

Dentists consult with individuals to see if they are right for the treatment program. In certain instances, some work on the teeth may be necessary before Invisalign treatment can begin.

A digital scan is done on the teeth when it is time to begin treatment. It helps the dentist create proper images of the teeth, which will be used to make the custom aligners that are worn during the whole process.

Aligners are changed every two to three weeks, depending on the way an individual’s teeth respond to the treatment. A dentist maps out the plan precisely, deciding on the teeth that are slowly adjusted with each set of aligners.

It takes an average of 12 months for an adult to go through the program and have their teeth straightened. But it can take more or less time, depending on the state of a person’s teeth.

Invisalign is ideal for solving issues such as overbites, underbites, gaps between teeth and crowded teeth.

What is the cost of Invisalign?

The average cost of Invisalign is between $3,500 to $8,000. However, the total sum will depend on many factors, such as the severity of the condition, treatment plan, and financing plan chosen.

Anyone who is concerned about their ability to pay for Invisalign aligners up front will be happy to know there are several alternatives. The first option is to enroll in a dental insurance program that will pay for Invisalign treatment. It would involve paying the premium and some out of pocket expenses, but it would be drastically lower than paying for the whole process out of pocket.

Patients also have the option of consulting with individual dental practices about payment programs. Many dental offices allow patients to enroll in a payment program, provided they have good credit. Such programs can help stagger the costs over a few years, making the monthly payments a lot more affordable.
Another option is to use a flexible savings account or a health savings account to pay for the aligners in a tax-free way. These are accounts where an individual or their employer can put in money that goes towards medical treatment.