Brushing and flossing can seem boring to kids, or even unpleasant. The problem is that so many parents treat it like a chore, instead of making it fun for kids. Here are some ways to make kids dental care exciting.

1. Brushing and Flossing with Each Other

You may want to start by having a routine of brushing and flossing where you and your kids are doing it together. When your kids see you doing these things, they will want to do them too. It is the same way young boys look at their dads shaving and want to mimic the behavior.

2. Cute Brushes

Get your kid excited about using a toothbrush by purchasing a special toothbrush. For instance, if your kid loves superheroes, you can get them a toothbrush with their favorite superhero character on it. Kids dental care seems more fun when they have a cool toothbrush.

3. Toothpaste Flavors

Some kids hate that minty flavor that comes with regular toothpaste. You may want to get them special toothpaste that has a strawberry or a watermelon flavor. Just make sure your kid is not swallowing any of the toothpaste after brushing.

4. Rewards

If your kid can go through an entire week of brushing their teeth two or three times a day, and flossing at least one time a day, then you can give them a reward. Start with something small, like a gold star. You can always increase the amount if they go a whole month of having a good oral routine.

5. Pick the Right Dentist

Even with great oral hygiene, we must visit the dentist at least one or two times a year. It is so important that you pick the right family dentist. Find someone who is very good at their job, but also friendly enough so your kids will have a pleasant time at the dentist’s office.

Kids Dental Care

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