We all want dazzling white teeth. Celebrities such as movie stars, singers, and supermodels grace the covers of magazines. What is the first thing everyone notices? Their teeth! They are ultra-white, flawless, and it seems almost like they are glowing. How do they get this look? They must have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their celebrity smiles. And to be completely honest, some of them have. However, we at home can do some things to create the same unbelievable glow. That flawless, ultra-white look. It’s called whitening teeth professionally.

At-Home Care

Many of us are busy or we are a little short on funds. But you do want your teeth whiter. So, you may choose whitening teeth at home and purchase a teeth whitening solution from your local drugstore. The box promises that celebrity look, and you see the price tag and you just can’t resist. What’s especially attractive about whitening teeth at home is the convenience. Not to mention, the short time it says it takes, “In just 10 minutes you can have that celebrity smile!”

But the results never pan out. Truthfully, they don’t even come close. Besides the fact that most home teeth whitening kits have agents that are harsh on your teeth, plaque and tartar can form a barrier that won’t allow the whitening solution to take effect. The fact is, home teeth whitening just isn’t worth the hype.

Whitening Teeth Professionally

Only a dentist is able to provide the results you are looking for. This is because most times, teeth need a professional cleaning before the whitening can take place. This means your teeth will not just look whiter, they will be healthier, as well. In addition, whitening teeth professionally is less invasive, safer, and the results are more drastic. After one look in the mirror, you’ll be amazed at your brand-new celebrity smile!

At White Plains Dental, we offer a wide range dental services that range from routine cleanings to cosmetic dentistry. If you interested in whitening teeth professionally, we offer Zoom® teeth whitening. You can have a brighter, whiter and more attractive smile in less than an hour. Call today and schedule your cleaning and teeth whitening!