The great thing about the popularity of teeth whitening is that it is now a procedure that seems accessible to everyone. Even ten years ago, whitening was something that very few considered an option. But every dentist offers affordable teeth whitening these days, and you should take advantage.

But how would you know if your teeth are at the point where whitening is needed?

The first sign is how your teeth appear when you are looking in the mirror. If you are checking out your teeth, and they appear a lot yellower than they were in the past, then you may want to get them whitened. If you know that you are doing something to cause this yellowing, such as drinking too much coffee or smoking, then you have another reason.

Sometimes it takes a comparison to show us the extent of the issue. For instance, if you are about to shave and you have applied white shaving cream, you may notice that your teeth are very yellow in comparison. Now you know that you may need whitening treatment.

And if you got your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist recently, but they are still a bit too yellow for your liking, then whitening is your next option. Remember that whitening does not clean your teeth, it is just a bleaching process. You will want to get your teeth cleaned if you suspect that is the reason they are a little off color.

Keep in mind that our teeth getting yellow is a natural part of aging. If you eat foods or engage in habits that make the problem worse, or you do not have the best oral health regimen, you will only experience more whitening. The good news is that you can visit a dentist for professional cleaning and whitening!