Celebrities often feel untouchable, having seemingly discovered the secret to perfection. They set the standards for hair, skin, body type and even smiles.

Most celebrities aren’t born this way, though, and many have imperfections or modifications that you may not have noticed underneath the glitz and glamour.

Some celebrities even have dental implants, meaning those perfect smiles may be more attainable than you had thought. Here are a few of the top celebrities with dental implants, and it may surprise you!

Mike Tyson

Known for his incredible boxing abilities in the late 1980s, Mike Tyson suffered a few blows throughout his career. After his retirement from the boxing scene, Tyson opted to prepare his smile with dental implants that give him the confident face and smile we see today.
t smile in the first place.

Gary Busey

One of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, Gary Busey is known for a bold smile. Unfortunately, he suffered considerable facial damage in a serious accident and required substantial dental surgery. He opted for the big and memorable set of teeth he is still known for to this day!

Ed Helms

Of one the features that have handed Helms so many roles in his career is his warm, striking smile. Shockingly enough, this smile is a product of dental implants he first received over 20 years ago! You can see evidence of this in his role in “The Hangover” when his lost tooth was actually accomplished by taking out an implant!

George Clooney

The well-known George Clooney is a timeless heartthrob to multiple generations, and he only seems to get better with age! His heart-melting smile had undergone a fair amount of damage due to teeth grinding over the years, so Clooney repaired those problems through dental implants to keep his smile stunning and ready for the red carpet!

Chris Rock

Known and loved by both the comedy and social activism scenes, Chris Rock has always known how to light up a room. He understands the importance of a great smile in the public eye, so he took the leap to receive dental implants to replace some missing teeth.

Morgan Freeman

Loved by many, the unforgettable Morgan Freeman is known for his warm voice and inviting face. Not long ago, Freeman decided to invest in his smile through teeth whitening and dental implants to fix a considerable gap.

Christie Brinkley

The well-known actress and former Mrs. Billy Joel is known for her striking beauty and gorgeous smile. In 1994, Brinkley was part of a helicopter crash that left her with two broken molars and other minor injuries. She later received dental implants to repair the damage and is left with persistent confidence and beauty to this day.

Tom Cruise

There are two features Tom Cruise is particularly known for: his cunning, stormy eyes and his big, bright smile. To perfect this red-carpet-ready smile, Cruise has been no stranger to cosmetic dentistry. He has undergone whitening, straightening and dental veneers to get the confident and attention-grabbing smile we’re all familiar with.

As you can see, no one on or off screen is above cosmetic dentistry. Many of the gorgeous smiles you see on TV or in magazines have been enhanced and perfected through dental implants.

If you yourself have dental implants or have been considering going in that direction, there is no need to feel self-conscious or insecure!

Many people are in the same boat as you, and many of those people are stunning celebrities who are idolized globally! The most important thing is that you are confident enough to show off that smile in the first place.