Let’s face it; how your teen feels others perceive them in school is extremely important. And for good reason. We, as parents, are not there with them throughout their school day. But they are in school for about 8 hours a day. The same amount of time most adults put in at work.

The main differences being that children are far more impressionable, for one. And for another, while many adults change jobs every year or two, most children spend their entire childhood and teen years in the same school district, often knowing the same group of kids until they leave for college. Regardless of how frivolous some of their problems may appear they affect them on a very deep and personal level.

Dental Issues and Invisalign Teen

When it comes to issues many children and teens face during their tenure at school, dental problems tend to rank among the highest. School children are busy contending with grades and keeping up with their studies. They also have extracurricular activities, after-school social events, and friends to balance. Dental issues can have an extremely negative impact on their confidence and success in these areas.

Crooked teeth can affect just about anyone’s self-esteem. But during these years of growth and self-discovery, this issue can compound unrelated issues your teen may be facing. What’s worse, the longer your child feels embarrassed or demeaned, the longer they feel humiliated or less than their peers. They are at a higher risk of suffering in many other areas in their lives. Or worse.

This is why Invisalign teen is the perfect option for children and teens. Invisalign offers a solution that solves issues on several fronts. For one, they work just like regular braces, in that they correct crooked or misaligned teeth. Two, they work faster than regular braces, so your child won’t have to wear them for the typical duration. Three, they are completely invisible! This means your child will not have to worry about the stigma some children endure when wearing standard metal braces.

With all your child has to worry about, give them one less thing. They need their confidence and Invisalign teen can help. If you are interested in Invisalign for yourself or your child make an appointment with our dentist in White Plains. Our dentist will discuss the Invisalign process and help determine if Invisalign teen is right for your family.