Children’s dental care is something that we should start thinking about from a very young age. Early adoption of good oral health care is critical. Pediatric dentistry for infants and toddlers should start at the first sign of tooth growth. Your child may not have their permanent teeth but it is still important teach them an oral health routine early. These routines will stay with children for the rest of their lives, which is why they are so vital. Here are a few tips that will help you create an at-home children’s dental care routine that will shape their future for a healthy smile.

Making Brushing and Flossing Enjoyable

Your child may have a hard time building up a routine if brushing and flossing is annoying. Children often don’t like to do what their parent’s say either. Try to make dental health care more fun and not a chore. Consider playing a song each time your child is brushing and flossing so they enjoy themselves and get an instant reward.

You can also buy children’s tooth brushes that look cool and have interesting designs and colors on them. If your child has a favorite movie or television character you may be able to find a themed tooth brush.

Monitoring Your Children’s Dental Care

You will need to monitor your children’s dental care until they reach about nine or ten years old. At this age, you will be confident they are following the established routine. You may need to spend a few years nagging and watching to build trust. This ensures your children are following proper techniques and are not lying to you either!


You can give your child something special for good dental care. The reward can be a gold star, a sticker or a small gift. Your child should receive a reward when they go a whole week brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day.