Brushing and flossing removes food particles, bacteria, and plaque under the gumline, on, and between teeth. However, brushing and flossing alone without proper technique won’t properly prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Below are brushing and flossing tips to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your oral hygiene routine.

Flossing Tips

  • Wind about 12 – 17 inches of floss around each index finger, leaving about an inch to work with.
  • Slide the floss up and down gently between your teeth while holding it tightly between your index finger and thumb.
  • Be sure to curve the floss around each tooth at the base to clean below the gumline.
  • Wiggle the floss back and forth while pulling away from the gums to remove the floss.
  • Rinse the floss or unwind to a clean section so you don’t inadvertently push the removed particles back between the next teeth.
  • Floss at least once a day to maintain proper hygiene.

Brushing Tips

  • Using the right toothbrush is important to proper brushing. We recommend a soft bristled toothbrush which is gentler on the teeth and gums.
  • It’s important to keep your toothbrush clean, so be sure to store it in an upright position where it can dry out after use.
  • Since bristles can wear out over time, you should replace your toothbrush at least every 3 months.
  • Even with a soft bristle toothbrush, you should apply only light pressure while brushing. Aggressive brushing can lead to a receding gumline.
  • Start brushing a different part of your mouth each time you brush. Since the first position usually receives the most attention, switching the starting position will help balance the cleanliness.
  • Pay special attention to the inner sides and chewing surfaces of the teeth. It’s easy to clean the parts of the teeth exposed when you smile, but you don’t want to forget about the rest of the surfaces.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth to protect your enamel.
  • Brush at least twice a day to maintain proper hygiene.

Even with proper brushing and flossing techniques, it’s important to visit a dentist for regular dental checkups.