There was a time when kids and adults only had one option when it came to getting their teeth realigned: metal braces. Those days are in the past. Invisalign is now a top option for many people, and it is offered by all top dentists in the area. Here are the seven major benefits of choosing Invisalign

1. Invisible

As the name suggests, no one is ever going to notice that a person has Invisalign on their teeth. The only time they are visible is when you stare at someone’s teeth from up close.

2. No Food Restrictions

One annoying aspect of having metal braces is the number of foods that are unpleasant or impossible to eat. That is not the case with Invisalign, as you simply remove them when you are eating.

3. Easy Care

Keeping your aligners clean is not a problem. When you are doing your morning routine, just take them out, brush your teeth, clean the aligners, use mouthwash and then put them back in!

4. Sports are Possible

Being hit in the mouth is bad enough, but when you have braces, it can be a disaster. That is not the case with Invisalign, as the aligners are removed when engaging in rigorous physical activity that may involve contact.

5. Playing Musical Instruments

Ever tried playing the flute with metal braces? It is not a pretty picture. Again, you can just take out your aligners during a music session if they are causing problems.

6. Self-Esteem Boost

Kids and adults are alike in hating how they look with metal braces. With Invisalign, that problem is no longer an issue. Your smile looks the same as it would without Invisalign, and it will only improve as the aligners work their magic!

7. Easy Maintenance

Since your aligners are being changed every few weeks, you do not have to worry about your braces getting spoiled or some metal bracket cracking by accident.