Nutrition and dental health go hand-in-hand. A massive part of oral health that we do not always talk about is ensuring that our family dental care and eating habits are in good health. That means eating at the right times, in the right quantities, and choosing healthier options when possible. Here are six tips to improve your family’s eating habits.

1. Food Values

Sometimes it is a good idea to start with the basics, which is food values. Talk about the difference between organic and non-organic and the benefits of eating local. Tell your kids the positives associated with eating fresh as compared to buying packaged foods that are processed. Remember, nutrition and dental health are one in the same!

2. Variety

It is good to try and be healthy with your kids, but it is not ideal if they are eating the same things all the time. Not only does it get boring, but it will reinforce the idea that only a few foods are healthy when that is not the case.

3. Set Up a Nutrition and Dental Health Routine

It is a great idea to have a routine for breakfast, lunch and dinner when possible. If your kids know when to expect meal times it is easier to set up a healthy routine instead of letting them randomly snack on unhealthy foods. Also, be sure your children regularly brush and floss at least 2 times a day.

4. Eat Together

It is not always possible for a family to sit together and eat, but when everyone is at home spending 30 minutes at the dining table together it can help to create better eating habits. It will also mean that your kids associate eating as a communal activity.

5. Eating Clean

Foods that have too many artificial sweeteners, preservatives or chemicals should be avoided. Our pediatric dentist can help explain the dangers of eating these foods to your children during their regular cleaning.

6. Fiber

Fiber is a great way to fill up in a healthy way and it also helps with digestion and limits cravings for sugar!