This is an aesthetic procedure but it’s also a significant dental procedure, so when you choose a cosmetic dentist you’re going to want to see their work and read their reviews to make sure they’re experienced and that you like their style. Take a look at their before and afters, and make sure you still like their work 10 years later.

You can benefit from getting veneers if you are not happy with your teeth or overall smile. Dr. Poznyansky sees many people who want to improve their smile or correct an issue. Dr. Poznyansky has treated patients who don’t want to undergo braces again but may still have teeth out of place or who are not happy with the color of their teeth and want them whitened permanently. Some patients have chipped teeth they need fixed and others just need their porcelain veneers redone because in the past the finish wasn’t as nice. Whatever your reason veneers can help improve your personal life.

1. Confidence

Veneers are going to change the way that you think about yourself. When you look in the mirror, and you smile, and you are about to head out for the day, you will be confident knowing how good you look. That is a confidence that is hard to replicate.

2. Job Interviews

You will be nervous when you go into a job interview. But knowing that you look amazing when you smile will give you a spring in your step, which is what you need if you want to get that job! When someone looks into your face and shakes your hand, and they see your great teeth, you have instantly made a great impression.

3. Love

We do not like to believe that our relationships have any superficial elements. But when you first meet someone, you just have a first impression. And someone’s smile plays a big role in that first impression.

4. Approachable

When someone looks friendlier and happier, others will feel confident going up to them. a good smile will ensure that people see you as someone who is friendly and can have a good time!

5. Persuasive

If you work in a profession where you are regularly interacting with customers or clients, then you will want a face that is persuasive. When you can smile confidently at a person, and they are staring right into your perfect teeth, you will be a lot more persuasive!