Professional Teeth whitening has become a lot more popular over the past few years. Zoom® Teeth whitening is no just for professional actors and TV personalities any longer. Professional teeth whitening has become very affordable and is a great way to improve your confidence and smile.

Professional teeth whitening with Zoom®

There are many teeth whitening systems, but Zoom® professional teeth whitening is the most advanced teeth whitening system available and the number one choice among studios and talent agencies who often require their clients to have the procedure done on a quarterly basis.  Zoom® offers the incredible ability to have shiny, white teeth with a single treatment, however it is still important for patients to still consider the foods and drinks they consume to keep their teeth perfectly white after the treatment.  Here are is a list of foods and products that patients should avoid before and after their Zoom® professional teeth whitening treatment.

What foods and products to avoid after Zoom® teeth whitening

  • Red Wine

Red wine may have antioxidants that are good for your body. But its staining qualities are also incredibly impressive. Red wine is only going to accelerate teeth yellowing, which is why patients may want to stick with white wine after getting their teeth whitened.

  • Coffee

Coffee is another drink that may be great for you, as it gives you energy. But it is not great for your teeth. It can start yellowing teeth in minutes! Patients who love their coffee a lot may want to use a straw – and sip some water after drinking coffee!

  • Cigarettes

Not only are cigarettes terrible for the body, but they also stain teeth. The smoke will stain a patient’s teeth, even if they are rinsing and brushing their teeth many times in the day. Try to limit the number of cigarettes smoked in a day – or quit entirely!

  • Tomatoes

If a patient is concerned about their whitening treatment not lasting as long, they may want to steer clear of dishes full of tomatoes. Pasta with tomato sauce is delicious, but the acidity in tomatoes will begin undoing the work of a whitening treatment very quickly.

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