Does a Pediatric Dentist Make a Difference?

A dentist is a dentist, or so many people assume. When you hear people talking about pediatric dentists, they are generally confused. Most do not even think there is a difference between a pediatric dentist and a regular one. But we know that is not true, and now you will too!

When you compare pediatric dentists to regular ones, you should know they go through two additional years of training before they can open a pediatric practice. That training includes spending most of the two years at a pediatric residency, where they learn about caring for children and their teeth.

Pediatric dentists deal with children from infancy through adolescence. Meanwhile, a general dentist can help anyone, no matter what their age. This means a pediatric dentist will have a better understanding for how to handle children as patients.

Pediatric dentists typically make more money, given they go through more training and need specialized skills to help children.

If you are hoping to choose a dentist for your child, we would always encourage you to visit our pediatric dentistry. A pediatric dentist is exactly what your child needs, because they will ensure your child is never afraid of visiting the dentist. It should be an experience that is pleasant and enjoyable, not something to worry about.

Pediatric dentists know that dealing with kids’ oral issues is about more than just fixing their teeth and gums. They have excellent bed side manner, and they ensure that kids are 100 percent comfortable with any procedure that is being done on them. If you are worried about how your child is going to react to a tooth cleaning, or another procedure, we hope that you will choose a pediatric dentist.

Give us a call and we can help you get set up for your first appointment.

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