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How to Get Healthy Gums Again

Often we focus on the proper care of our teeth and overlook the importance of taking care of our gums, but keeping your gums healthy is just as important as keeping your teeth healthy. After all your gums are what hold your teeth together and protect them from bacteria. They can also affect other aspects of your health and hygiene like your breath and even your circulatory and heart health. What do healthy gums look like? Healthy gums should look pleasantly puffy (not swollen) and

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For Those Considering Dental Implants

If you are considering dental implants, there is a lot of information to know. At first, it may seem challenging to make an informed decision on dental implants. Dental implants are an option to replace missing teeth and fix your smile. It works permanently as well. How does it work? Think of an implant as a substitution for missing teeth. The implant typically replaces the both the crown and root in your tooth cavity. This gives it the same functioning as a normal tooth. It

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Pediatric Dentistry: Meeting Your Child’s Needs

Every child is different. Their needs reflect their own unique personalities. They each have their own fears. Your child is owed this understanding. And more so, they are owed the comfort they deserve. When your child visits the dentist, they will more than likely be anxious, nervous, or downright fearful. This anxiety should never be taken lightly. While you may know that they are simply coming in for a routine checkup, they may not understand that this does not involve pain. So, even though they

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Why Does My Dentist Give Me So Many X-Rays?

The New York Times published an excellent question and answer about dental care last week, and it was good to see some coverage with sound advice to dental patients about choosing their dentist in America’s newspaper of record. The patient’s question was: “My new dentist gave me 22 X-rays yesterday (bitewing and full mouth) plus a panoramic. He says he does this to all patients. This seemed ridiculously unnecessary and dangerous. Could you give me info on this?” The Times’ wellness columnist, a Texas dentist,

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Dental Care Routines for Families on Vacation

Planning for vacations can sometimes be so stressful that by the time you’re finally on vacation, you really need one! Along with all the other things on your checklist, one important consideration to keep in mind is making sure you and your family properly care for your teeth while on vacation. Taking a vacation from work and routines is nice to do when we get a chance. You should never take a vacation from taking good care of your teeth. They are your teeth after

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Invisalign’s Big Summer Endorsement

This Summer Align Technology, the makers of the Invisalign® orthodontics brand has teamed up with volleyball champion Gabrielle (Gabby) Reece, surf legend Laird Hamilton and their active teenage daughter Reece, to talk about health, wellness, and the benefits of Invisalign treatment. The champion women’s volleyball player, big wave surfer, and their daughter will share their experience firsthand throughout the Summer, documenting their Invisalign treatment behind-the-scenes on Invisalign’s YouTube Channel, and advocated for good health and wellness in the pursuit of personal fitness goals. Gabby Reece

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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is where you work with your dentist on things you can and should be doing at home to try and prevent the worsening of an existing condition, and/or to prevent the onset of a condition. To put it plainly, you want to prevent an issue from becoming, well, an issue. There are four main things you should be doing at home each and every day to help maintain maximum oral health. If you aren’t doing these things, you don’t need a dentist to

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Composite Fillings: What to Know

Composite fillings, composite resin, or tooth-colored fillings, are the most common filling in cases where exposure is greater and for those who simply want a more natural look. Composite fillings are primarily used in small to medium sized fillings where the teeth need to withstand moderate to substantial pressure from chewing food. The stress that teeth are put under while chewing requires a material that is very strong and durable. Composite fillings can also be used for either the front or back teeth. The Longevity

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The Importance of Dental Care as You Age

While dental care is hugely important no matter your age, it becomes even more crucial as you get older. Why? Because the bad dental hygiene habits that we pick up over the years are going to have a greater impact on the state of our mouth, teeth and gums as we get into our 50s, 60s and 70s. In addition, many researchers find there is a link between poor dental hygiene and other health conditions, some of which could prove fatal. Maintaining Oral Health as

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At-Home vs Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is something that has shot up in popularity over the past few years. Before 2000, it was inconceivable that the average dental patient would wish to have their teeth whitened. Unless their teeth were terribly stained for some reason, they did not care enough to pay for the procedure. However, the years since have seen us become even more conscious about our teeth and how they appear, which is why the demand for teeth whitening is higher than ever. But is it better

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