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5 Ways Full Dental Implants Will Improve Your Work Life

If you are unhappy with a gap in your teeth, or the replacement that was put in place of your missing tooth, you may want to consider full dental implants done. Many dental patients find that a dental implant procedure is the best solution for such moments, especially if they want to return to a normal way of eating and living. Here are five positive impacts of dental implants. 1. Full Chewing Power with Full Dental Implants There is no issue with being unable to

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Pediatric Oral Care: Dental Radiographs

Many people have not heard of dental radiographs before. But radiographs are vitally important for dental care, especially among children. When it comes to pediatric oral care, any top dentist will be using dental radiographs to ensure they can get a proper look at the patient’s teeth. How Do Dental Radiographs Work? Think of dental radiographs as an x-ray for the teeth. But they are not just getting a look at the teeth and jaw. They can also detect cavities, erupting teeth, bone diseases and

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Dental Implants vs. Dentures: Which is Better?

As we get older, our teeth can begin to show their wear and tear. Even if you take great care of your teeth, in time, they simply begin to lose their vibrancy, durability and dull in appearance. Chips that were once not very noticeable are now pronounced, and your dentin is yellowing your teeth. No amount of whitening can change this and constant repair of teeth that have lost their strength seems like a never-ending battle. Maybe it’s time to have your teeth replaced. But

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4 Ways Affordable Dental Implants Will Make Your Life Better

White Plains Dental offers affordable dental implants to help if you are missing  one or two teeth in your mouth. Missing teeth can be problematic from both a physical and aesthetic perspective. It will be more difficult for you to chew your food, but you will also feel like there is something wrong with your smile. This is even truer if one of the teeth is near the front, where it is easily visible when you talk, or you smile. If you are not happy

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3 Reasons Your Child Should Undergo Children’s Pediatric Dentistry

It’s that time again. Time to schedule a visit to the dentist. But is your child really getting the best care possible? Is your family dentist a skilled pediatric dentist who specializes in the needs of children and children’s pediatric dentistry? You see, children do have special needs. In fact, their dental blueprint is much different than an adult’s. While you may like the convenience of your family dentist, you may want to consider taking your child to a dentist that practice specializes exclusively in

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5 Ways Porcelain Veneers Can Change Your Life

Are you tired of feeling self conscious each time you are opening your mouth to smile? You may think that your teeth are just for show, and it does not matter if they are a little crooked or uneven. But the way we look when we smile can play a big role in our confidence. That is why cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers can help so much. Here are five ways that veneers will change your life. Veneers Increase Confidence Veneers are going to change

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How Invisalign Teen Can Affect Your Child’s School Presence

Let’s face it; how your teen feels others perceive them in school is extremely important. And for good reason. We, as parents, are not there with them throughout their school day. But they are in school for about 8 hours a day. The same amount of time most adults put in at work. The main differences being that children are far more impressionable, for one. And for another, while many adults change jobs every year or two, most children spend their entire childhood and teen

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Why Whitening Teeth Professionally is Superior to Home Care

We all want dazzling white teeth. Celebrities such as movie stars, singers, and supermodels grace the covers of magazines. What is the first thing everyone notices? Their teeth! They are ultra-white, flawless, and it seems almost like they are glowing. How do they get this look? They must have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their celebrity smiles. And to be completely honest, some of them have. However, we at home can do some things to create the same unbelievable glow. That flawless, ultra-white

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How to Make Kids Dental Care Fun

Brushing and flossing can seem boring to kids, or even unpleasant. The problem is that so many parents treat it like a chore, instead of making it fun for kids. Here are some ways to make kids dental care exciting. 1. Brushing and Flossing with Each Other You may want to start by having a routine of brushing and flossing where you and your kids are doing it together. When your kids see you doing these things, they will want to do them too. It

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5 Ways a Dental Implant Procedure Will Improve Your Life

If you are unhappy with a gap in your teeth or the replacement of your missing tooth, you should consider a dental implant procedure. Many dental patients find that implants are the best solution for these circumstances. This is especially true if they want to return to a normal way of eating and living. Here are five positive impacts of a dental implant procedure. 1. You Have Full Chewing Power There is no issue with being unable to bite into or chew food when you

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