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Complete Pediatric Dentistry for Teens

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White Plains Dental is the leader in Pediatric Dentistry and have the top board certified Pediatric Dentists in New York.

Complete Pediatric Dentistry for Teens

Unfortunately, teenagers are a high-risk group for tooth decay. This is due to many reasons, but what seems to be one the most prevailing reasons is freedom. Once a teen reaches a certain age, parents usually grant them additional freedoms. They may have greater choices when it comes to food choices such as snacks and drinks. They may have the ability to choose their own food when they are out with friends, leading to increased risk of unhealthy choices that can lead to increased tooth decay.

Along with freedom comes less time spent maintaining oral health. Believe it or not, these years are very important for developing lifelong habits. Developing oral health habits are critical as your teen moves closer toward adulthood. These years count.

We will give your teen an individual risk assessment for gum disease in order to gauge the ideal frequency of needed visits and treatment options, if needed. Some cases may need a combination of pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care. Having the ability to find these problems early on will help us to correct them before they become a larger – and more expensive – issue.

Friendly Tips: Things You Can Do to Care for Teens

Where Brushing Meets Flossing
FACT! Brushing your teeth at least twice every day and flossing at least once a day are the first line of defense against tooth decay.

Just Say No – To Junk Food!
FACT! Eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables and staying away from junk food, sugary snacks and drinks will greatly reduce your chance of cavities.

Just Say No – To Sports Drinks!
FACT! Sports drinks are highly acidic and high in sugar. Avoiding them will reduce your chances of getting cavities.

Smokeless Tobacco is Not an Alternative
FACT! Chewing tobacco will still give you periodontal disease in as little as 4 months. It can also cause several forms of oral and esophageal cancers, as well as premature tooth loss.

Protect Those Pearly Whites
FACT! If you are active in sports or other physical activities, wearing a mouth guard will decrease your risk of mouth injury including chipped, broken, or missing teeth.

Are You Sure About Those Piercings?
FACT! Oral piercings greatly increase your chances of chipping or breaking your teeth. The area is also more susceptible to bacteria which can lead to infections.

Keep Regular Dental Appointments
FACT! Keeping with your regular dental appointments will keep your teeth healthier, letting you keep that dazzling smile!

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